Tips for Managing Pediatric Crohn’s Disease

January 18, 2022

For parents of children with pediatric Crohn’s Disease, management of symptoms is a daily concern. The disease can have a detrimental impact on physical and emotional growth, so the child’s quality of life must be balanced with the state of their current health. That’s why in today’s post we’re sharing four tips for helping to manage pediatric Crohn’s Disease.

Correcting Nutritional Issues

Crohn’s Disease can have a profound effect on the absorption of nutrients, with some children showing delayed growth and low body weight for age and height. Besides adequate protein and calorie intake, nutritional supplements of vitamins and minerals,  especially A, D, E,  and K may be advisable. Parents should talk to their child’s doctor about whether or not he or she needs dietary counseling in order to correct any nutritional issues that arise.

Scheduling Physical Activities

Developing an appropriate schedule for physical activities is a must for children with pediatric Crohn’s Disease. In many instances, low impact exercise is the way to go, and swimming, walking, or bike rides are ideal activities for children.

Introducing New Foods Carefully

As parents know, Crohn’s Disease can severely limit a child’s diet. This is why it is important for parents to introduce new foods in small portions and in limited quantities. This helps to ensure that these new foods don’t cause pain and discomfort while the child’s digestive system adjusts.

Overcoming Emotional Challenges

Crohn’s Disease can be emotionally challenging for children — and for parents as well. Parents should seek out resources for their children to help them deal with the challenges they face, and  they should also keep an open line of communication with the child’s school to help make sure teachers are aware of his or her needs. As a parent, do not hesitate to enlist the help of professionals when dealing with your emotional challenges.

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