Forbones Xtra D FAQs

How is Forbones Xtra D calcium supplement different from other calcium supplements?

The source of calcium in Forbones Tablets is dicalcium phosphate. Unlike calcium carbonate, the most common source of calcium in supplements, the calcium ingredient in Forbones does not react with stomach acid to form carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.

How many Forbones Xtra D Tablets should a person take, and when is the best time to take them?

The Daily Value for calcium is 1000 mg per day, although some people, including nursing mothers, adults over 50 and individuals who take oral steroids or who have had certain weight loss procedures, may require more. Your doctor or dietician is in the best position to advise on your total intake. Two Forbones Tablets daily provide 800 mg and a third tablet daily would provide 1200 mg. A person also taking two FORVIA Tablets or Chewables daily would receive an additional 200 mg of calcium. The best time to take Forbones Tablets is with meals, but the most important factor in dosing is to develop a good daily routine that works for you. Missing a dose has more impact than timing.