The news can be an incredibly helpful resource, especially when it’s paired with scientific research. Here at Inovera Bioscience, we’re dedicated to providing you with new information to help you better optimize your overall health, especially those living with an inflammatory bowel disease. Blogs in this category will help you better understand what vitamins are, how they can benefit you, and other useful information that you can use to feel better and more confident. Find a blog or video that interests you and see how our supplements Forvia and Forbones Xtra D can benefit you.

VIDEO: 3 Things You May Not Know About IBD and Your Nutrition

Watch our latest video to find out the following:

• How the medicines you take can affect nutrition
• How IBD affects how much nutrition you need and
• How IBD can reduce the nutrition you get from the food you eat.

VIDEO: Ever Been to a Patient Education Day?

INOVERA attended a Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation sponsored Patient Education Day in Philadelphia. Here’s a video on the Day with information about Patient Education Days, what they’re like and how you can find out about any events near you. Lots of good info at these CCF events – check them out!

FORVIA Supports 2017 Walk for Hope in Philadelphia

Every year since 2009 the Family Research Council holds a “Walk for Hope” 5K Run/Walk to raise money for IBD research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Inovera is proud to have been a sponsor each year!

This year’s event was Sunday 4/23/2017 on the grounds of the former Philadelphia Navy Yard. If you look closely, you can see the Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia Phillies stadiums in the background! Sunday’s event raised over $150,000 to support IBD research. Click below to see 500 happy people having a good time for a great cause!