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4 Tips for Helping Kids Cope with Celiac Disease

October 6, 2022

Having celiac disease as a child can be challenging. After all, many of children’s favorite foods, such as pizza and mac n’ cheese, have gluten in them. Forvia by Inovera Bioscience is a multivitamin/mineral product that offers nutritional support for those with celiac disease. Learn four tips for helping kids cope with celiac disease, and order Forvia online today!

Supplement Their Diet With Essential Vitamins

One great way to help kids cope with celiac disease is to supplement their diet with essential vitamins  and minerals, such as Forvia. Vitamins such as these can help kids’ bodies absorb and use nutrients in the food they eat.  For children under 12, talk to your child’s doctor about dosing as age, height and weight can affect proper dosing.

Help Your Child Know the Foods They Should Avoid

When children eat foods that they should avoid that contain gluten, their immune system reacts in a negative way and can cause bloating, diarrhea, and other unpleasant symptoms. By educating your child on the foods they should avoid, they will feel much better and be in better health overall.

Help Your Child Know What They CAN Eat

Similarly, you can help your child know the foods they can eat, so they can avoid unpleasant symptoms when they consume food with gluten in it. One great way to do this is to prepare their meals for them at home.

Have Gluten-Free Options Available

Kids are hungry all the time, so having great gluten-free snacks and foods available is a must. Stock your pantry with great gluten-free foods, such as fresh fruits and veggies, yogurts, cheese sticks, and more.


Forvia is a supplement that can help those whose bodies have a hard time absorbing essential vitamins and minerals from foods. Even when those with celiac disease avoid gluten, their bodies may still have a hard time absorbing these essential nutrients due to the nature of celiac disease. Try our best supplements online for celiac disease today!